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Spectral Flowcytometry

What is Spectral Flow Cytometry Service


Flow cytometry affords outstanding statistical power to detect rare cell populations and quantify cellular phenotypes in biological samples

for pre-clinical and clinical applications. However, flow cytometric methods can be challenging to develop and validate, especially

design the fluorochromes panel for optimized cell population you want discover and the equipment you have may not be able to

accommodate a panel that contains all the desired assay markers.

Spectral Flow cytometer operated by LK Bioscience (Northern Lights, CYTEK Bioscience Inc.) is three lasers (405 nm, 488 nm, and 640 nm)

38 detectors system it can analysis up to 24 fluorochromes simultaneously.

Flow cytometry-based assays, when designed appropriately, can provide a wealth of information. The investment in Spectral Flow Cytometry

Service is critical at an early stage so that correlations can be made between processes and the manufactured products.

The process of Spectral Flow Cytometry Service encompasses all aspects of the workflow:

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